Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA) is based at Children’s Hospital Boston and is a project of the Center on Media and Child Health. VIA gives video cameras to young people, asking them to teach clinicians about the realities of their illness experiences through the creation of audiovisual illness narratives. Learn more about VIA staff, read how VIA began, and see how we’ve been covered in the press.

Meet the dedicated men and women who make VIA a dynamic program.
>> Learn more about VIA staff
Learn how VIA originated when Director Michael Rich hypothesized that if patients had the tools to communicate about their own health, they could teach their clinicians about living with illness in the context of real life.
>> Learn how VIA started
VIA’s projects have been covered in local and national media outlets, on television, on the radio and in newspapers. See where we’ve made headlines.
>> Read about VIA in the press
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