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Click to enlarge. The VIA Summer 2008 Intern Team - (L to R): Louisa Onyewadume, Stefanie Pietras, Courtney Giancaterino, Shelly Sheinbein, Sabrina Karczewski

“VIA is by, about, and for people,” Director Michael Rich often says. “Like a terracotta sculpture, it shows the fingerprints of everyone who has worked on it.” This is certainly the case for each of our research interns – they and VIA are enriched by their work. VIA is fortunate to have the interest, enthusiasm, and innovation of a variety of students who work with VIA throughout the year. We are grateful for the many hours and ideas each intern commits – their efforts are essential to the transformation of VIA visual narratives into research findings that can be applied to improve patients’ lives.

Our interns for Summer 2008 worked with us to log and begin analysis of data generated by participants from the VIA-OAR studies.  This is the first summer interns have logged entirely in Transana, a multi-user software program to view, log, and code the visual narratives. The summer team was selected from over 100 applicants, and represented a variety of interests, institutions, and backgrounds.

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