Laura Veit
Research Assisstant

Laura came across VIA during her first year as a graduate from Wheaton College in Norton, MA. She was working in a local elementary school as an instructional assistant for a special education program when she started making plans for her upcoming summer vacation. With a desire to take her career in another direction and explore the research field while keeping her focus on children and young adults, she started searching for internships on the web. VIA was the only internship that touched upon all of her interests: psychology, research, art therapy, children/young adults, and health. After spending four years in college exploring numerous areas of discipline she was thrilled to find an organization that welcomed diverse thinking and interests.

Currently, Laura is working as a Research Assistant for Julie Polvinen, VIA Field Coordinator. She helps recruit and enroll participants for the current VIA study, and makes visits to participants’ homes teaching them how to use the camera equipment and facilitating their process of creating visual narratives. As participants open up their lives to the VIA team, Laura is made more and more aware of the diversity of health issues that are facing today’s youth. She is inspired by the young people she works with and hopes to contribute as much as she can in the years to come.


About Laura Veit
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