Because VIA is completely dependent on external grants and other support, financial contributions, as well as donations of goods and services, are very welcome.

Financial Support
VIA exists solely through grants and donations. Please donate online if you are able to contribute funds of any size.
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>> Read about VIA on the Donors4PublicHealth website
In-Kind Donations
We are always in need of goods and services such as those listed below. If you are able to help, please contact us.

• New, blank CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-R discs
• MiniDV tapes (60 minutes)
• Sony DV-CAM tapes (124 minutes)
• "One pass" VHS tapes. Short tapes that can be erased and recorded over serve numerous purposes here!

• Canon MiniDV camcorders
• Video accessories (tripods, UV filters, microphones, etc.)
• IBM-compatible laptops (at least 75 MHz Pentium I) to be used for logging
• TVCR units on which to screen and log video
• Computer monitors

Since we cannot pay our interns but find their help critical to the success of VIA, we try to provide small incentives to fuel their hard work, ranging from food such as coffee and bagels for research meetings to entertainment such as movie passes or gift certificates of various kinds. If you are willing to donate or discount anything for VIA, please contact us.
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Contribute Now
Please contact us if you can make an in-kind donation of goods or services or provide financial support.
You may also donate online:

Donate Online (coming soon)

When clicking on this link, you will be transferred to the website of the Children’s Hospital Trust, but your donation will be given directly to VIA. If you have any questions, please call us at (617) 355–2000.
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