“I think VIA is great and I totally need an internship. What kinds of people are you looking for?”

VIA is always looking for motivated people to work with us as research interns. Our most intensive intern program happens during each summer when we accept six to eight people who can each commit twenty or more hours a week to work on VIA. We give preference to undergraduate students who are about to enter their junior or senior years. No previous experience is necessary. We are more interested in open-mindedness, curiosity, sensitivity, dedication, and a willingness to be surprised and learn. A strong interest in research, social science, health, children, or video is a plus. We train the interns in the VIA method, concentrating in particular on the preliminary analysis process. This entails learning the nuts and bolts of VIA and about many of the disciplines upon which VIA is based, from public health to visual anthropology.

“What am I getting myself into?”

The research intern's main responsibility is to log the videotapes created by our participants. Attention to detail and the ability to work independently are crucial. The research team meets with the interns weekly to discuss what the interns are observing on the videotapes. Interns are encouraged to pursue their own research on issues or themes that they discover in the videos, supervised by a member of the research team with whom the intern can meet individually. This research generally involves a comprehensive literature search. As themes arise or research topics are discussed, interns provide and are given background articles on health- or research-related themes. Interns are expected to lead and participate in discussions about these articles during the regular weekly meetings. Interns are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the relatively loose and individual-oriented structure of the VIA intern program. This is an opportunity to obtain intensive training in research using an innovative method to better understand the life experiences of young people, particularly those who are living with health conditions. Interns should take advantage of the opportunity to pursue their own interests as they relate to VIA, exploring aspects of the project and the videos that are of particular interest.

“Wow - that actually sounds cool. How do I sign up?”

To apply for an internship, please explore our website and then send an e-mail informing us of your interest in our program to Letters of interest are accepted year-round. Please note: Formal letters of inquiry, resumes, CVs, and recommendations are not required as part of this first contact -- just drop us a line. More detailed information about what is needed to continue the application will follow as a response to your initial e-mail of interest. Qualified candidates for the summer internship program will be interviewed in person (preferred) or by phone in February and March. Selected interns will be notified by early May. During the year, VIA also accepts a few interns for an intensive, individualized research experience. Please get in touch with us if you are interested.

“Oh, and one more thing: is this paid?”

IMPORTANT: Intern candidates should explore how to receive academic credit through their institution by working with us. Because VIA is unable to provide any monetary compensation and requires a great deal of time and attention, candidates are strongly encouraged to apply early for grants of various types offered by many universities and other granting organizations. Historically, VIA interns have been very successful in obtaining research- or service-oriented grants which allow them to dedicate many hours, often full time, to working with VIA. Good places to start your grant search are with your academic advisor, a favorite professor in a related department (pre-medicine, public health, anthropology, psychology, sociology, communications, etc.), the dean of arts and sciences (or equivalent), academic affairs, and the career center. Be creative and keep an open mind when looking for grants!

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To apply for an internship, explore our website, and then send an e-mail informing us of your interest in our program. Letters of interest are accepted year-round.

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Please note: Formal letters of inquiry, resumes, CVs, and recommendations are not required as part of this first contact.

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