Find out how participants create their video diaries, how data is collected, and how researchers analyze the data.
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The VIA method has been applied to medical conditions such as asthma, overweight, spina bifida, sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, and HIV.
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Participant Profiles
What’s it like to be a VIA participant? Meet some of our participants and see what kinds of activities and situations they have chosen to record.
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Future Projects
Because of VIA's participant-centered focus and multi-disciplinary approach, the methodology is applicable to a wide range of research topics. Brainstorm new ways in which to implement this innovative technique.
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The analysis of VIA videotapes has lead to the publication of research in a variety of academic journals such as Pediatrics, Journal of Adolescent Health, and Visual Sociology.
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Lisa Z.
Lisa Z. is a 26 year old student who lives with her family, including her older sister who also has cystic fibrosis. >> Learn More

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