One of the strengths of VIA is that researchers from a variety of academic backgrounds collaborate to enhance the quality of the research and the conclusions drawn through interdisciplinary analysis. This has enabled VIA research to be published in a range of journals, from Pediatrics to Visual Sociology. See below for a complete list of publications.

View Buchbinder, Mara H.; Detzer, Mark J.; Welsch, Robert L.; Christiano, Ann S.; Patashnick, Jennifer L.; Rich, Michael (2005) "Assessing adolescents with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: A multiple perspective pilot study using visual illness narratives and interviews" Journal of Adolescent Health 36() 71.e9 –71.e13
View Chalfen, Richard; Haley, Jay (1971) "Reaction to socio-documentary film research in a mental health clinic" American Journal of Orthopsychiatry 41() 91-100
View Chalfen, Richard; Rich, Michael (2004) "Applying visual research: Patients teaching physicians about asthma through visual illness narratives" Visual Anthropology Review 20() 17-30
View Corrado, Stephanie Pappadis; Patashnick, Jennifer L.; Rich, Michael (2004) "Factors affecting change among obese adolescents" Journal of Adolescent Health 34() 112
View Patashnick, Jennifer L.; Rich, Michael (2005) "Researching human experience: Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA)" Australasian Journal of Information Systems 12() 103-111
View Rich, Michael (2004) "Health literacy via media literacy: Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment" American Behavioral Scientist 48() 165-188
View Rich, Michael; Chalfen, Richard (1999) "Showing and telling asthma: Children teaching physicians with visual narratives" Visual Sociology 14() 51-71
View Rich, Michael; Ginsburg, Kenneth R. (1999) "The reason and rhyme of qualitative research: Why, when, and how to use qualitative methods in the study of adolescent health" Journal of Adolescent Health 25() 371-378
View Rich, Michael; Lamola, Steven; Amory, Colum; Schneider, Lynda (2000) "Asthma in life context: Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA)" Pediatrics 105() 469-477
View Rich, Michael; Lamola, Steven; Chalfen, Richard (1998) "Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA): An innovative methodology for understanding the adolescent illness experience" Journal of Adolescent Health 22() 128
View Rich, Michael; Lamola, Steven; Gordon, Jason; Chalfen, Richard (2000) "Video intervention/prevention assessment: A patient-centered methodology for understanding the adolescent illness experience" Journal of Adolescent Health 27() 155-165
View Rich, Michael; Patashnick, Jennifer L.; Chalfen, Richard (2002) "Visual illness narratives of asthma: Explanatory models and health-related behavior" American Journal of Health Behavior 26() 442-453
View Rich, Michael; Patashnick, Jennifer L.; Kastelic, Emily (2005) "Achieving independence: The role of parental involvement with adolescents with spina bifida" Journal of Adolescent Health 36() 129
View Rich, Michael; Polvinen, Julie; Patashnick, Jennifer L. (2005) "Visual narratives of the pediatric illness experience: Children communicating with clinicians through video" Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America 14() 571-587
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